Easter Trees.

Happy Easter everyone.
I hope you all had a lovely Easter Sunday and now an even lovelier Easter Monday.

I am sorry I have disappeared this week. On Wednesday, our beautiful cat Ike past away. It’s been the most devastating week and I really couldn’t bring myself to go on the computer or even touch my work.  Ike was the friendliest cat: he lay about in the sun, cuddled up to everyone and always charmed his way into getting more food. We love him dearly and will miss him forever. It’s been a sad and long week, but I know that all my fellow cat lovers out there can understand what we have been going through.

To lift my spirits, I decorated our little outdoor trees at my work. The shop needed an Spring lift and so did I, so this project was extremely fun. I got little egg decorations from my supplier of crafty goods and put them on the branches. Then, using our flower party decorations from work, I wrapped it around like a Christmas tree! It was easy peasy and made the place look fabulous.

I had lots of Easter DIYs in mind, but I couldn’t bring myself to do them. So, next year, I will be armed with ideas and embrace the easter bunny! xx



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2 responses to “Easter Trees.

  1. Ah the first picture! SO CUTE! :)

  2. Lyndall

    I’m sorry again to hear about Ike. He sounds like such a lovely boy and I’m sure he felt very loved by you all and had a very happy life ♥

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