Teacup Tuesdays

I’d like to welcome my new feature…Teacup Tuesdays! I love my teacup collection and would love to share it with my viewers. I was going to post pictures of them all in a oner, but that would be a little much and a long post. So I decided to make it a weekly feature…and it also gives me a little bit more of an excuse to keep collecting. (Hurrah!)

It will start next Tuesday and will feature one set per week. I would also love for you to do this too!
Please email me your teacup pictures and I would be delighted to share them, with your blog name and a little about the teacup. I think this could be the start of a teacup-ful world. Don’t you?

Send all teacup entries to Hello@messyla.com.

This week:

I need to catch up on my baking (3 weeks behind..yikes!)
Get organised in my work.
Blog my favourite blogs
& Introduce my favourite cyclist and his flourishing business.

It’s nice to be getting back into the swing of things, but increasingly difficult when there is still remnants of chocolate around the place and a backlog of orders for me to catch up with. But, I couldn’t ask for a more exciting career. And for that, I am extremely thankful.

Also, thank you for all your comforting words about my wonderful cat Ike. I am so pleased to have such lovely blog friends and to have your support means the world to me. Goodnight,xx.


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One response to “Teacup Tuesdays

  1. Patricia Picard

    It is a damn crazy idea!!!! I do not have a blog yet, so I cannot post you my mugs. I am most of a coffee cup person than tea but a cup is cup no? Thankyou for that weekly features, I am really excited about it!

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