Teacup Tuesdays!

Welcome to the first edition of Teacup Tuesday! I am so excited to start this series because I have a passion/obsession/problem for hoarding cups. I am blatantly going to say its hoarding rather than “collecting” or any other decorative words…It’s flat out hoarding! The thought of giving them away or selling them makes my head hurt and my blood boil. So that sort of irrational behaviour has to adopt a less than impressive name.

My name is Lara and I am a hoarder.
(And proud.)

My first set of cups to share is these adorable Rose patterned cups. I love roses, so when my Gran brought these into my arms I was over the moon. I love their vibrancy and the saucers are to swoon over!

I had three. But now have two after a terrible incident in my room. I am ashamed to say I shed one tear with frustration at myself. I think I am going to stop talking now before I am labeled “Insane”.

Hope you loved these little cups as much as I do.

Have a lovely Tuesday folks, x.


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  1. Love these! How big is your collection now?!

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