SummeryHouse Touches.

As the summer time blunders in, I have been feeling uplifted to decorate the outside of my summerhouse. A little soil, gnomes and pretty pots later..and I have a magical courtyard to look at whilst I work.

I can’t share photos of the exterior of the Summerhouse at the moment.. The previous owners weren’t exactly a dab hand with paint and made a terrible mess. I plan to paint my little workshop in the next couple of months and then I will have a huuuge photoshoot and share it with you. I have my eyes set on some green and pinks.

To make it look even more like the most miniature house you have ever seen, my dad and I bought a number plaque!  I loved how vintage it looked and the flowers were such a delicate colour. We live at number 45, so it was only fitting that I became 45b in my sweet workplace.

Motivation and ambition doesn’t grow on trees, but they certainly surface when you are in a pleasant and pretty place! Enjoy your day.xx


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