Caesar Salad

My newest favourite snack is the healthy & delicious caesar salad. I made it for Cameron and myself for lunch on saturday and just had to make it again on Sunday. It felt like I was having an indulgent day of special dinners, pretty straws and fancy bowls. It sounds so silly, but even putting an abundance of ice cubes in my drink makes me feel like i’m going ‘all out’. These little things make my days full and delightful!

The dressing was super simple and can be made in a jiff:

I took about 3 tablespoons of light Mayo, added some dash of worchester sauce & some lemon juice. Then some fancy olive oil & some seasoning.

Before hand, I cubed some baby potatoes and put them in a tray. Drizzle with olive oil, some S+P and some chilli flakes. (I add chilli to everything.) I also added some rosemary sprigs from the garden! I let them roast.

I also cooked some bacon which I put into tiny little chunks..I am a recovering Veggie so small little cubes is all I can take! add you potatoes, bacon and dressing into your bed of lettuce. Toss around and enjoy.xx



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