My Little Favs.

The world of blogs has been something that gets me through the occasional “wobbly” day, inspires me and has also allowed me to make lots of new friends that share the same passions as I do. New blogs are cropping up each day as people find their ‘voice’ within the community. I am still so thankful and amazed by the love and support I have received for my blog. If I have a bad day – you can guarantee I will have a flood of messages telling me it’s OK. If a fellow blogger has a bad day – you can be sure that I will be e-mailing them and telling them it’s OK.

Blogging is something that has allowed me to write daily, share lovely things and also be part of a community that is so colourful and enjoyable. There are hundreds of blogs that I view each day, but these are my go-to blogs to wake up to each day. From the big to the small, these girls’ blogs are like my morning newspaper!

Kitty & Violet.

My dear friend Heidi and I have become penpals through our blogs. She is so sweet, loves her cats (she calls them her furrbabies, how sweet!), thrifting, crafting and drinking tea. All in all, my favourite kind of person!

Her blog is an enchanting little haven where you can get lost for hours looking at her beautiful photographs. Her Etsy store is in the midst of being opened and I couldn’t be more excited!

Royal Milk Tea.

Lyndall’s blog was one of my first finds in the blogging world. I read her about me and fell in love with the land of Royal Milk Tea. Her paintings are beautifully subtle and her writing style makes me smile all day long. I love her photos and the little peaks into her world with her sweet little cat. She has become a dear friend of mine and I am so excited to see her new little bundle of joy – Felix.

A is for Ampersand. 

Amy’s blog is a firm favourtie of mine which I sponsor each month. She is a funny, smiling and informative blogger – which makes her blog a joy to read! She is a thrifty queen (with DIYs to match!) and makes the sweetest graphics for fellow bloggers. Did I mention she loves her cats too? Yep, a blog to follow!

One Sheepish Girl.

Mereditch’s blog is my knitting and crochet heaven. She can make anything with some needles and pretty yarn..from ponchos to teacups..I am ALWAYS swooning over her abilities. She also has the most endearing feature called “Blogging for Confidence” which not only boosts her confidence but every other readers too! One of my favourite things that she does is Yarn Bombing!! It’s so enthralling. I feel like i’m living vicariously through her..

Vanilla & Lace. 

Abi’s blog is a new find for me (Via Something Sweet’s Tattoo Tuesday) and one I am exceptionally glad I found. I love her photos, her dainty handmade dresses and her baking videos! She has inspired me to maybe do the same for me 52 Weeks challenge. Again, she has a little cat..Am I a crazy cat loving lady?

Foxy Whispers. 

Lou is becoming another blog friend of mine! We share a passion for teacups and baking. I love her blog and the little glimpses of Australia brighten up my day. She also has the cutest dresses…she’s fab!

I hope you will take a minute or an hour to look at these spectacular blogs! These are by no means the only blogs I love, I love them all to be frank! But these are a few I will share at this time and will share some more in the near future. With love to you all, and especially the girls above! xxx



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2 responses to “My Little Favs.

  1. Lyndall

    Aw, thank you so much for the mention! A lot of these blogs are on my favourite list too, so I feel in good company!

    I was saying to someone the other day that reading blogs for me is sort of how I would read a really good magazine, I just love seeing how other people create such interesting snapshots of their lives. But I guess it’s even better than that, because I have made some really great friends through blogging which I wouldn’t have otherwise had the opportunity to do. It’s such a great community of wonderful people!

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