Supporting Independent Businesses. Then, Now and Forever.

It’s a sad day when you see sweet little gift shops/ coffee shops/ vintage shops or craft shops shutting down all around you. Any shop for that matter, all in all it’s a sad sight to see.  Being in the creative world and working in a gift shop, when I see these Everything Must Go signs, it sends devastation from my head to my toes.

Someones dream has disappeared. Jobs have been lost. Creatives everywhere are mourning and some are even kicking themselves for not visiting sooner. Generally, it’s not because any of these shops are stocked with horrible things or their coffees aren’t big enough, it’s this awful climate that can’t seem to support us all.

We’ve all felt the purse strings tighten and are ultimately buying less and less..But when we do buy things, why not buy at a local or from independent shops? Glasgow’s West End (and I’m sure all over the world) is brimming with talent that is housed within these beautiful shops. Handmade, homemade, made with love. All of the above!

Instead of buying a purse/ bag/ coffee from the usual chain stores…I urge you all to think small! My favourite coffees are from an independent coffee shop and theres nothing like gifting something a soap set that has been made around the corner. Your gifts and buys can have a story, they can provide meaning and they are keeping the dream of an entrepreneur alive. I promise you will feel enthralled by buying from independent stores and artists – the pretty things you will buy, the maker that you help (me) and also the people you meet. Most, if not all, of our interesting shops have interesting just have to meet them!

If I am wrong, I will offer free Messyla gifts for everyone. Although, I know I am right! (for once.) So please, before you visit Topshop or Starbucks or something similar, think about where else you could go. I guarentee you’ll have a better time!

In the spirit of supporting those most dear to me, I have created a little directory of my Go-To Glasgow & Online Stores..enjoy. (I’ve tried to alphabetically list each in their sub-categories!)

388 Byres  Road.

141 Hyndland Road.

Cushion + Cake,
35 Old Dumbarton Road.

De Courcys Arcade/15-21 Cresswell Lane.

Felix and Oscar, 
459 Great Western Road.

Lemon Pom Pom, 
De Courcys Arcade/ 5 Cresswell Lane.

Melle Cloche,
121 Byres Road.

Sentry Box Toys,
175 Great George Street.

Shop of Interest, 
1058 Argyll Street.

Velvet Moon, 
79 St. Georges Road.

 Wooden Heart,
112 Byres Road.

All That is Solid,
60 Osbourne Street.

Artisan Roast,
15-17 Gibson Street.

66 Hyndland Street.

Coffee, Chocolate & Tea,
944 Argyle Street.

72 Nithsdale Road.

311 Byres Road.

Cushion + Cake,
35 Old Dumbarton Road.

Felix and Oscar, 
459 Great Western Road.

Hillhead Bookclub,
17 Vinicombe Street.

Kember and Jones,
134 Byres Road.

 The Little Cafe,
1361 Argyle Street.

1056 Argyle Street.

The Yarn Cake,
148 Queen Margaret Drive.

La La Land,
De Courcey’s Arcade, Unit 1 Cresswell Lane.

Glasgow Vintage Co,
453 Great Western Rd.

Pink Poodle,
181-183 Byres Road.

Vintage Guru,
195 Byres Road.  

Lavender Blue, 
43 Hyndland Street.

Native Flowers,
27 Clarence Drive.

Via Etsy. 

Boneyard Bikes,

Circus Bear Vintage,
Via Etsy.

The Dapper Toad,
Via Etsy.

Dear Emma, 

Elf Designs,


Sheepish Knit Crochet,
Via Etsy. 

Vanilla & Lace,



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One response to “Supporting Independent Businesses. Then, Now and Forever.

  1. Allie McCann

    Hear Hear lovely Lara….a great sentiment that I totally agree and share. Thankyou for including us in your list…and as always such a treat to have you part of our little shop….with love from all at Lavender Blue…a.x

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