Happy Birthday Cushion & Cake.

Happy Birthday to the sweetest little craft gallery & tearoom called Cushion & Cake. I have raved about C&C a lot on my little blog, but never shared pictures of the haven before!
I am lucky enough to stock  my cards at Cushion and I thank Pamela so very muchly for that. This place is my heaven: pastels, teacups, vintage galore..all housed in a beautiful building.

Pamela herself is a thrifter-extraordiner, with a collection of pyrex that I drool over each time. She is a baker, a cook, a crafter and an all round smiley and lovely lady. She hosts the monthly Crafternoons at C&C – which I took part in last week! It was so exciting. We did some wet felting and made little clouds. Which I will share very soon.

As well as my cards, there is a variety of handmade goods from different independent businesses around the UK. Everything is cute and I seriously couldn’t leave half of it behind! I walked away with a pair of fox earrings, a paris map and flying ducks!! My dad and I lost the bid on ceramic flying ducks on eBay, so when I saw these beauties I knew I wanted them.

This weekend is Pamela’s C&C birthday party..I hope to meet again everyone from the crafternoon and other Cushion lovers in Glasgow. I think it might be my favourite place to be, so I am looking forward to enjoying the night!

How beautiful is my teacup I got the privilege of using? I was swooning over the different sets we were using..everyone had a different one and each was a delicate and vibrant as the last. I love Cushion & Cake and I can safely say that all my blog viewers would love it to. Thank you Pamela for a wonderful Crafternoon! xx

Cushion & Cake
www.cushionandcake.com | 35 Old Dumbarton Rd, G3 8RD | Facebook | Twitter



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2 responses to “Happy Birthday Cushion & Cake.

  1. So sweet! I must visit. Featured Pamela recently in Mollie Makes and she’s throughly lovely :) Love your photos!

  2. This looks wonderful! I love little cafes like this. I wish I knew about this when I was in Europe at the start of this year. In Edinburgh we found 2 wonderful tea and cake shops (but I can’t recall their names!) and also went to a fabulous High Tea in London at a place called Bake-a-Boo. You would LOVE Bake-a-boo, La! Check them out here;

    Lou xx

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