Project Workshoppe.

Photo from my instagram: messyla

I’m excited to announce that this Sunday my little workshop will be completely re-painted! I have decided to go for an olive green for the windows and a pink for the door. I am looking forward to giving it a clean up, rearranging my tools and also placing my flower pots around the outsides.

My workshop deserves the love and adoration it is getting from me. When we moved into our cottage it had been so neglected! The outside was shabbily painted with drip marks running down the walls and the inside was damp and in desperate need of some TLC. The previous owners used it as a ‘junk shed’ to store their garden tools, so lets just say a couple of insect families had made their homes there. It wasn’t pretty.

Some cleaning wipes and a tin of blue paint later, it is my magical workshop. The furniture is thrifted: my formica work table is from the Salvation Army, my haberdashery unit is from a vintage store called Louise Loves in Wales and the other bits and pieces are from charity stores. I didn’t want anything new to live there since the house itself has such history.  Although, you can’t avoid the paper racks from IKEA..since they are so cheap and so functional.

It’s been an enjoyable adventure collecting all the trinkets and equipment that has made Messyla. I can’t wait to have a photoshoot next week and share it with you’s an exciting time. The above photo is the undercoat of the house, I am almost there. Have a nice night, x.


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  1. It’s exciting, I really cant wait to see you pictures of your new place!
    ps : olive green and pink is so beautiful together.

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