Alfresco Working

The sunshine and summer have finally hit Glasgow..and with a bang! This heat wave has lasted a week now and it has been glorious. I have taken on a little glow (which is incredibly rare for me) and watered my plants thoroughly. As you can imagine, the summerhouse is basically like a greenhouse in warm weather. So I decided to mix things up a bit and go Alfresco!

Working outside was so motivating: the breeze, the sun and the lovely outdoor smells. However there were some distractions in the form of butterflies or birds or anything outdoorsy really. It does feel weird to be able to sit outside with no tights and no sleeves, something I rarely do but was necessary this week.

Here are some little peaks at my summery week, alfresco style! Enjoy.
(all photos from my Instagram: Messyla.)

La, x.




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2 responses to “Alfresco Working

  1. Lyndall

    Your summer looks so pretty! What an inspiring workspace :)

  2. Looks glorious! It’s still sunny here in Perth even though it’s nearly winter, but it’s only about 23C which feels freezing to me!
    Lou x

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