52 Weeks of Baking: Week Twenty.


Firstly, I would just like to say that this 52 Weeks challenge failed miserably. I dropped the macaroons. Yes, I am that stupid. I whipped the cream (by hand) and then dropped them when showing them off to my mum and dad. I managed to scoop them off the ground and assemble them for the photos..No one ate them after, don’t worry. Not everything in blog-life is hunky dory!

A Jubilee cup from days bygone.

Happy Jubilee Week!! This week will be full of baking from the Great British Baking Book and tea parties galore. It will be a lovely celebration for HRH.

Macaroons are something that I have always loved the look of. I dream of strolling along streets in Paris eating a macaroon from some expensive patisserie. Since they were in the British Baking Book, I felt it was only right to give them a shot and see how I like them. I have to be honest, I didn’t like them. I may have made them wrong but I don’t really like almonds and I didn’t like the texture of them. They are gorgeous but, I am afraid, they are not for me!

Whipping cream by hand was an intense work out..but I strangely loved it! I couldn’t believe the cream came together just from a little whisk and very little strength! So if you are looking for a summer work out, there you go.

I hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend (UK), I will be back tomorrow with more Jubilee-ness!x



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4 responses to “52 Weeks of Baking: Week Twenty.

  1. I love the idea of a workout where you get to eat cream at the end ;)

    Well done for making macaroons, they don’t look easy. I like the look and idea of them, but almonds make me very ill so they’re a definite no no for me. Still, very pretty to look at.

  2. Your poor macaroons! I hear they are a nightmare to bake though so that has always put me off trying to bake some myself!

  3. I’m sorry your macarons met such a sad fate.. but I’m with you on the texture.. I find them too grainy and squishy tasting. I’m one of the few bloggers who don’t like them, but I can’t even make myself like them..!

  4. I love the Jubilee mug! I hope you had a nice celebration.

    I found macaroons much nicer to look at than to eat, hehe. The taste and texture was just weird. I think I prefer cakes.

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