Hi everyone!
I have to say I was a little ambitious to think that I could organise the Jubilee week and stage multiple photo shoots at this time. :(. I am over flowing with orders and to do lists that I was unable to do everything that I had planned. I am sorry, but thankfully we had a lovely 52 Weeks yesterday to celebrate our lovely Queen Lizzie.

Branding has been something that I have been so eager to do. I have a label on the outer cover of the cards but nothing on the cards themselves. When the buyer writes the card and removes the plastic, the receiver wont know where the card was made. So I decided to set out and look for a stamp to counteract this problemo.
I checked etsy sellers and couldn’t find anything simple enough and easy enough to alter and play with if needs be. My dad and I then went to Staples and found the perfect one! It was right under my nose this whole time, so I am glad I finally found the perfect one. I can personalise the stamp and add each shops names if it is an exclusive item. I am so pleased.

Another step to becoming a business woman. Yay!
Enjoy your night. xx


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