I’m Back!

Hurrah! Back to my beloved blog at last. This week, as every week seems to be these days, has been a whirlwind of events. I had a lovely 3 day holiday in London and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

Cameron and I followed The London Coffee Guide and visited coffee shops around different areas of London. I have to say, the coffee scene is incredibly different down there. We normally take our coffee and chill for a good hour on comfy seating and talking to the friendly baristas. But in London, everyone was in a rush…always! It felt as though everyone was running from A to B and downing flat whites at their favourite coffee pit stop. It was intriguing to see but also a little rubbish since it meant all the shops were very small and therefor always full. But we worked it out! (sitting on the pavement outside Monmouth Coffee was one resort.)

We didn’t do much sightseeing, we took a long walk past Big Ben and the London Eye one night after dinner which was so surreal! I had never been so close to Big Ben before and I felt a rush of overwhelming happiness that such sight was in the Uk. Only 4 hours on the train. Wow.

To round of this little update..here is my day today in Instagrams. My instagram name is Messyla! With love, Lalala.x



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4 responses to “I’m Back!

  1. I think in real life we would be great friends just by looking at your photo and reading your small bio on this page. Love all your little creations – I will be going to your shop now – yay!

  2. Love your china! I would love to come to London and look for one special antique cup and saucer to place in our B&B!

  3. I’m glad you’re back, I missed you! I wish I lived in the UK and could just pop over to London for a few days, that would be surreal! xx

  4. It sounds like you had a nice trip! Visiting all the coffee shops in a new city is something that I would love to do :)

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