A little trip to the auctions..

This week I had a lot of orders to round up and package away, but on Friday my mum and I went to the auctions! My mum and dad had gone previously to check out what was going to be for sale on the Friday and noted down all the things that they thought I would like.

The auctions were a strange place. Full of old smelly men and eager shop-keepers plotting to make huge profits on these beautiful teasets. I am very guilty of pointing or using my hands a lot when communicating, so I found it extremely difficult not to nod or wave my hands when the bidding wars were going on.

The bidding was fun! My mum did it on our behalf and she played it cool, calm and collected. Whereas I was nearly having heart problems and covering my ears with distress. I can’t even handle the stress of eBay bidding, so you can imagine the state I was in at an actual auction with real china that you would trade in your dinner for.

We came away with a delightful amount of winnings! My favourite is the blueish greenish floral tea set called Shelley Melody and we also got a chair with matching linen basket. All in all it was an adventurous day and I am anticipating my next auction..all the while fine tuning my poker face. x



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3 responses to “A little trip to the auctions..

  1. Wowzers, what a stash… and so pretty!

  2. Ooooooh lots of goodies in there!!

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