Milk Jugs

Collecting milk jugs is something my mum and I are fond of doing. Hoarding has become our ‘thing’ – although ‘hoarding’ has such nasty connotations. ‘Collecting and appreciating’ sounds better.

Big and small, milk jugs make their way to our little thrifted shelf along with their matching sugar bowl. However, we don’t discriminate..sugar bowl or not, they make the shelf and are loved each day.  All are thrifted, won at the auctions or even from within the family.

We use a milk jug every morning; our breakfasts are always china-tastic and colourful. I just love using all our pretty things rather than them catching dust bunnies on the shelves. Their sizing is something that interests me. (I know, I sound mad.) It seems the older the teaset, the bigger the sugar bowl and milk jug. Isn’t that fascinating? One of the sets we won at auction has a cereal sized sugar bowl! People must have needed a lot of suga’ in those days.

I think we need another shelf unit..hehe.

What do you collect? x


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One response to “Milk Jugs

  1. Those milk jugs are lovely – I love all their designs and patterns on the front and certainly deserve to be shown and seen. I collect vintage powder compacts – have around 45 at the moment on shelves and bookcases. Slowly taking over the apartment with them!

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