London Coffee Guide

Apart from having a lovely holiday, our main reason for visiting London was to go on a ‘Coffee Tour’. I bought Cam the London Coffee Guide for Christmas last year and we have been so eager to try it out! We finally found a week where we both had minimum work load and most of our errands ran and took a train ride down for 3 days.

The coffee guide is full of every hip and happening coffee shop in London. With a rating system with their coffee and their overall experience. I have to say, we did follow it religiously. Which we laughed about, alot. When we saw a coffee shop and felt a little peckish for the bean, we would ask “Was it in the book?” and if it wasn’t..well we kept going. We only had 3 days to try and conquer the best of the best..we weren’t going to waste a caffeine fix.

We drank coffee at:
Tapped & Packed
Look Mum No Hands
Fernandez and Wells
Brick Lane Coffee
Monmouth Coffee Company

Most gave us a stamp on our ‘Passport’ to say we had been there. (others, we drew in whilst waiting on the train.)  However, some didn’t even know they were in the book. So that was funny.

All were lovely and decorated outstandingly. I love how in London everything is done to the best of quality. The style and themes of each were clearly evident through lighting, cups, wall murals, menus…everything! Each was so unique and left me flooding with ideas for a possible shop in my future. (I can dream.)

My favourite would possibly be Tapped & Packed. I loved the cream walls with the wooden furnishings and felt the coffee got a thumbs up from my taste buds. Although, all were spectacular in their own way & some a little intimidating – if I am honest.

If you were thinking of purchasing the Coffee Guide for a gift or just for your coffee-loving self, I highly reccommend it! It is as informative as it is cool – it’s pictures are detailed and descriptions are bang on. Something to note though is that since it is a 2011 guide, prices have risen and their are a few that are no longer there. Naturally, during this time!

I hope you liked my little insight to a fraction of London’s Coffee scene. I will be returning in the hope to see more! Enjoy the rest of your Monday..xx





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  1. Olive

    BEST IDEA EVER, OMG, i am so moving to london where it has the place for a real «caféinomane»!

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