What I’ve Learnt About Blogging..

When I started blogging, I never thought it could open as many doors as it has. I also didn’t think it would be as enjoyable as it is either! I find blogging a way to connect with my buyers, customers and also my new online friends. It’s a like minded community that I can escape to for a little while each day..Some people look at fashion magazines, I look at blogs.

I don’t have a favourite style of blog. I love lifestyle blogs, the occasional fashion blog, cooking blogs and crafting blogs. Each are unique in their own way and I love reading them every day. You can see a few of my favourites, here.

Here are the little things that I have picked up throughout my blogging experience. I am eager to learn more, write more and share more of my life as I grow up.

Keep on blogging, even if you think no one is listening.
When I first started blogging, I felt like no one was listening. There would be days that I would have 0 stats and it always made me think of giving up. But, holding out and blogging each day pays off. It’s almost two years since I have been blogging and only recently I started to get higher statistics, more comments and ‘likes’. It’s not necessarily for the stats, but it does help when you realise you must be doing something a little right!

Blog what makes you happy.
This is an important one! it’s like giving a speech: you can’t really talk about something that you aren’t passionate about and don’t know the ins and outs of. So blogging is just the same. I love to blog about crafting & baking because I am so passionate about each. However when I try and blog about fashion, I find it a little troublesome and feel I am lost for words. Finding what makes you happy and that you feel comfortable writing about is your goal.

I think that when I put a lot of effort into my post and writing, it transcends to the reader and hey like it more. So I like to really try and make quality content to share.

Take lovely photos.
I truly believe that the addition of quality photos to my blog has been a big help in gaining Messyla lovers. It doesn’t necessarily mean buying a super expensive camera, but just being aware of things like your backgrounds & lighting. Try to use natural lighting and even try and compliment colours. Be aware of your background and foreground: taking a picture of a beautiful cake and having a mop in the background isn’t as good as just the delicious cake..(See here.)
Being aware of these little things can help your photos and the overall look of your blog. As humans, we are automatically drawn to things that are appealing to our eyes.

Keep things simple, clear and clean.
Keeping your text & layout simplistic can really aid the appeal of a blog. I used to have a really busy background and staggered/centered text everywhere..which even made me a little dizzy. So I don’t know how my viewers felt!

Blogging regularly.
When I started to blog everyday or every two days, I felt that I could built up a foundation with my lovely viewers of what to expect. I also felt more engaged with my blog and therefor wanting to produce quality content for each day.

Having a blogger etiquette.
Blogger etiquette is important in building relationships online. Each online blog I follow is written by lovely ladies and gents who share the same love for their writing. Niceness is embraced and it’s nice to be nice. Leaving friendly comments about that post you loved will make the blogger smile but also could lead to a possible friendship and even said blogger finding your blog and loving it to.

I hope you enjoyed this post! These are just things that I have personally picked up through my time blogging. What have you learned? I still have so much more to learn!xx



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3 responses to “What I’ve Learnt About Blogging..

  1. What a fantastic blog post. I feel like you hopped into my brain and wrote my exact thoughts and feelings about blogging. Thanks for sharing your experiences, and lessons

  2. Olive (@oliveetcafe)

    Wow, I really enjoyed this post! It has been now a while that I am trying to create my blog (working on the concepts, template and design) and youre kind-of-tips helped! Thanks!

  3. I wanted to comment on this when I first read it, but for some reason I was unable to.. now that it’s working again, here I am!

    As you know, I’ve been feeling a bit remiss about my own blog and it’s so easy to think “oh, it’s too hard, who’s going to ever take me seriously?” but I guess everyone had to go through it almost alone at some point.. right? I especially agree with “blog what makes you happy”. I sometimes think that I don’t write enough in my blog posts, but often it suits me more to “speak” through my photos, so I should never compromise on that, even if people think that to be a “blogger”, you need to write a full length article every time you update. I love to write, but not for the sake of text. It has to come creatively, and if it doesn’t, it shouldn’t be forced.

    I’m babbling, I really am, but I love what you’ve written, it’s exactly what I needed to read, to reaffirm what I know I should know! Thank you. xx

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