52 Weeks of Baking: Week Twenty One.

Creamy Profiteroles with Drizzled Chocolate. 

For my sister’s bridal shower, we wanted to make something that we could display in a dome cake stand that would look abundant & beautiful. Profiteroles are simple to make and aren’t too sweet a treat for after a heavy meal (lasagne + garlic bread). I have always been fascinated by the profiterole, because they always reminded me of extravagant dinners..maybe it’s because their name is slightly hard to say and spell. I think they are delicious – with the right balance of pastry, vanilla cream & choc!

Adding the cream is done with a piping bag and, once assembled, we stacked up the little pieces of heaven in their new dome home. Drizzling the chocolate over them was a fun and messy task. Which is the best kind! Our guests were most impressed with their display and their taste, so this weeks challenge seemed successful!

It was nice baking for other people instead of myself and my other family members. Sharing is the best way not to over indulge on sugary snacks..x


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  1. They look lovely! I’ve always wanted to make profiteroles, but I never seemed to actually get around to doing so! I think I need to put them at the very top of my To Bake list.. yum!

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