Rain showers, tea and a multitude of biscuits..

Today seems one of those gloomy, rainy days that forces you into a little hole of stay-in-the-house mode. The summerhouse seems to be cold and unwelcoming and real clothes seem to be deemed unnecessary. Today I am opting for the casual clothing and working from the computer – conquering some blogging updates and some shop updates. It’s the only thing to do on such days. I must avoid my bed completely, however, since I will probably crawl up and watch Harry Potter all day with the electric blanket on..

On a lighter, airy note: there has been a shop update! Hurrah! This is the first instalment of my weekly shop update. As adventurous as it sounds in my brain, I have lots of little items looking for the limelight online. It is only fair to share their beauty with the world..

My plan for you is to get a cuppa tea (& some biscuits) , wherever you are, and nestle up at the Messyla Online Shop. Thank goodness for online shopping on these cold, wet and unexpectedly winterish ‘summer’ days.

Pictured Above: His & Hers Egg Cup Cosies/ Yellow & Green Egg Cup Cosies/ Knitted Granny Dishcloths/ Cotton Floral Napkin Set.


See more Shoppe Updates here, at Messyla Online!


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One response to “Rain showers, tea and a multitude of biscuits..

  1. I’m so envy of your electric blanket! I couldn’t bring myself to buy a portable heater and my built-in heater use up so much electricity. Luckily yummy flower tea is keeping me warm!

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