This weekend, in style of the Tour de France & Bradley Wiggins himself, Cameron and I took a little trip to the local wind farm on our bikes. It was a greyish day and rather blustery, but we enjoyed our cycle and the opportunity to photograph each other with our bikes. I wore my new daisy frock with my denim love-heart print jacket, along with some brown leather booties. Not the attire of champions, but the perfect outfit for a cycle trip to the windmills.

My bike can be seen here (& here & here), it was our restyle project last summer and has been adored since. Despite being a little unsuitable for the terrain of the windmills,I cycled along in a cute style… and keeping up with Cameron was my biggest hurdle. Enjoy your Monday!x



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2 responses to “Windmills

  1. Ooh I love your boots, where are they from? We hired bikes last weekend in Millport and now I really want one of my own, even though we don’t have anywhere to keep them!

  2. Your bike is so cute! I love your boots too, they are so pretty.

    Bike riding adventures are the best :)

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