A Handmade Wedding

My sister is getting married in less than a month and currently it is ‘all systems go’ here at the Messyla house. Ribbons are being tied, vintage dishes are being cleaned and centre pieces are being created. Weddings are busy in themselves, but scatter in the fact that we aimed for everything to be handmade…then you have a little bit of a pickle! The pickle being: so much to do with so little time. (the same pickle that applies to every aspect of my life, to be truthful.)

I have tried to make everything for the wedding from the invitations to the confetti. And embellishing or transforming those that cannot be handmade themselves for time and money purposes. Everything is looking beautiful and unique. Which is, without a doubt, the phrases we were going for.

One thing that has been made in particular is the Ring Bearer cushion. I had spied so many cushions which were lovely but just not what we had envisioned for the big day. There was always the satin cushions but they seemed too ordinary and plain for the look we are trying to achieve. My sister’s dress has a vintage look, and the wedding itself has a vintage + Parisian theme flowing through it, so I wanted to create a cushion design that could be used for the day and also to sell in my Online Shoppe.

Crocheting is a dear passion to my mum and I and we each tinkered and tailored the cushion until we felt it was perfect. It is made of 100% Organic cotton! (The sheep are happy and there are no harsh dyes used.) It is cream in colour with little rose buds decorating the area that the rings will be secured onto. To secure the wedding bands, there are two crocheted strands..place a ring on either strand and tie together like you would a bow.

Creating a cushion that was elegant enough to compliment the rest of the wedding was challenging to start with, but I feel my Mum and I’s ideas blended to make something wonderful.. x



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3 responses to “A Handmade Wedding

  1. Beautiful work, and a beautiful blog. You might like mine too – lots of vintage wedding inspiration and lovely things :-) http://www.dottyvintageweddings.co.uk.

  2. Mri

    Hey there! You’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award :)
    btw: this is wonderful <3

  3. What a beautiful cushion! I bet the wedding will be lovely! Do share some pics!

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