Morning! Today I just wanted to explain what is going to be happening at Messyla from now until the 16th of August. Each day I will post a handful of pictures of things that have happened: decorations being made, beautiful flowers, preparations for foods…and everything in between.

A little insight into daily life and also an insight into the sort of last minute touches we are doing for the wedding. I hope you like this feature! I feel it will be like an online journal so we never forget everything we have done for this special day. (Like we would forget!) And I promise that my blog will be back to its usual self after the 16th. Thank you, again, for sticking around. It means so much to me.xx



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2 responses to “Monday

  1. These mugs! Wow. So pretty and colorful. I’m gonna start my coffee mug collection on my blog this Thuesday as a feature.

  2. I still enjoy reading your blog :)

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