I’m Back!

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all well and don’t feel that I’ve neglected you too much. I have had lots of e-mails and comments wondering where I am after the wedding + I am sorry for the delay..

The wedding is now in the past and it is a really surreal feeling to wake up and not be on a ticking time bomb. Everything is packed away and cleaned up..even the debris of confetti lodged into the crevices of slabs in the garden! The wedding itself was a huge success. My handmade touches went down a treat and everyone had an incredible time. My sister looked beautiful in her dress and I now have a brother-in-law. This bit is so exciting to me. We have an extended family now, yeesh!

After the wedding there was a lot of cleaning to do, shall we say. And I can say happily that there was only 1 teacup casualty. With regret, it was a beautiful one. But just one, I can deal with! (I have plans to just use it as a sugar bowl as it was only the handle that came loose!). I have just yesterday emptied my camera and started the mammoth task of editing all the photos. I only managed to get photos of the Messyla touches. None of myself or anybody else unfortunately, but I think we have about 1,000,000 from the wonderful photographers to come.

I have uploaded them all to the Messyla Facebook page, but will upload a selection to the blog in this post. However, to get a full look at everything, hop on over the the Facebook Page and take a look. ‘Like’, enjoy and let me know your feedback. This was the first wedding I have attended and also the first wedding I have decorated. It was a job that I was delighted to do & even though there was times I could have pulled my hair out..on the day I was overwhelmed with happiness at the way everything had turned out. Down to the finest of details, I got it!

I would also like to take this time to thank you all for sticking around and supporting me during this busy time. I am yet to have a complete year at Messyla (Sans moving house or weddings) so I am overjoyed with the possibilities on my horizon. I hope to grow Messyla into a beautiful thing that I can sit back and marvel at each day. Here’s to my life with ML!

Congratulations to my sister and brother-in-law! xo



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