September Weekend

This week has been a little hectic here at the Messyla headquarters. I had a few meetings with lovely shops and I had to make sure all my Autumn/Winter collections were created, packaged and displayed beautifully to show buyers. You think by now I would learn how long each process takes and give myself a little more time. But I never do. And I wonder if I ever will! I am always chasing my tail and running off my feet till the last second each evening. Late nights at the office (cold and dark) and early mornings at the office where the sunshine is pouring in through the square panes.

Mess is also another issue that I will never ever ever control. I can have the Summerhouse all spic and span then within an hour I have threads; little fragments of papers; hot glue; buttons…everything is everywhere and the mess is colossal! My desk always seems too small. But really, everything has just built up and I only have a small half moon section left to work in. hehe.

All in a days work as a full-time crafter. My woes are far from others, always littered with something sweet here and there – like colourful crochet hooks, haberdashery drawers, buckets of washi tape and so much more. I love my work and my life as Messyla. I truly feel very blessed with my creative life and the success of Messyla thus far..I can’t wait for the future!

Here is some peaks at the new things I have added to the Online Shoppe today. Christmas is coming so quickly and all the things that I am listing to the shop these days will be present at my stall at the Makers Market. (I am freaking out at how soon it is.) Have a lovely September weekend everyone.x


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