Branding + Tags.

Something I have been tweaking and twiddling with during my time as a small business owner is my branding. I wasn’t sure what route I wanted to take or what styles I felt most in tune with. I began with an extremely colourful and fun layout here at and my packaging had a lot of swirly writing on it..but I didn’t feel it was exactly how I wanted everything to look. I am a big fan of blogs and looking at other peoples styles and product outcomes..So I knew what I liked and what, I felt, was a perfect match for the items themselves.

After spending a lot of time, I have finally settled on my current layout. Echoing the style throughout invoices, labels and packaging. I have gone for a very natural approach..taking inspiration from country living and vintage. My themes tend to be quite natural: wood, cream, lace, a spot of blue and a sprinkle of green. A little bit vintage and a little bit country.

I am happy with the direction my items are going in and I am excited to make more and grow! Happy Monday.x


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