Have Yourself A Very Messy Christmas.

Turning the kitchen into a Christmas Grotto was a very exciting task yesterday. I love Christmas time and making a holiday scene during a cold November morning was delightful! Everything photographed above is from the Messyla Christmas 2012 range. Yahoo. I have been working on the range since about August, so to finally launch it has been an incredible experience. This is my first real Christmas of Messyla I would say,  (without distractions and a place to work), and I am thrilled with the way it has all turned out. All items will be available to buy at my Christmas stall in two weeks time. I hope to see some of my Glasgow friends and customers there and if you are one of my further afield viewers, I will be sure to take hundreds of photos!

Have a lovely day.x



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2 responses to “Have Yourself A Very Messy Christmas.

  1. Oh my, that is your kitchen? Is there any possibility I could move in with you?! Everything looks just so nice and comfy. :)

    Have a lovely rest of the week. xo.

  2. This is beautiful. I want to live in your house, for reals.

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