Thankful for Christmas Time.

Hi everyone! I have been silent as of yet and haven’t wished you all a happy Advent. December already and Christmas is almost here. Eek! Like an elf as always at this time of year, I am itching to put up the decorations and give everyone their presents.. Let’s be real here tho, I have either shown/told/given most of my presents. I am so rubbish at keeping things a secret. I like to think it is endearing, but I know its not!

This month so far has been full of sick bugs that have been unexpected + online orders that have been unanticipated – so I apologise for my lack of posts and updates! I am back with a santa sack full of parcels to take to the post office for the Christmas of customers world wide. .Thank you all so much for choosing to shop with me this festive time. It means so much to me that my items will be nestled under the tree for someones Christmas..xx



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  1. This is so clever and adorable!

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