Happy 2nd Birthday Messyla

Yes! It is true! Two years ago this coming Wednesday, Messyla was born. I don’t think I quite knew what was to come, what I would sell or even where it would take me in life.. but an idea was planted and I had the tools and motivation to help it flourish. A leap of faith it was, but I have never looked back. Every now and then I will look over my shoulder and glance at an easier option, but Messyla is where my heart lies and where my passions brewed into something wonderful.

Two years down the line and all I can do is laugh a jubilant (albeit hysterical) laugh at the growth and progression of my independent business. My items and myself have been welcomed into the handmade seller community in my city and also online. I am so thankful. For those who took a risk of stocking my products in the early stages to those who place orders monthly now.. I owe my successes to my customers. To you! So please, enjoy the 20% off and know that if I could, I would hug you all right this moment!

{Use discount code “TWOTODAY” at the checkout.}

Thank you very much to all my lovely stockists, customers, blog viewers, friends on instagram/facebook/twitter, family, friends, Oscar..xxx


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