A Christmas Filled Kitchen

Our kitchen is where most of the Christmas day festivities will happen. All huddled around our dining table, stuffing our faces and getting a little bit merry.. (On a cocktail called Poinsettia..which I will share this week!)

So here is a little peak at our kitchen at the moment. It is particularly merry and bright over here. I hope you are all enjoying this time together with your loved ones. ox




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4 responses to “A Christmas Filled Kitchen

  1. Everything looks very cheery and festive at your house, love that you’ve used cookie cutters as decorations!

    • Thank you so much, Anna! It’s a funny story.. we ordered the cookie cutters off the internet and didn’t realise they were giant! We couldn’t think of a use for them and then one day my mum decided to make them into decorations!

      Also the medium sized tree cutters were a mistake too. We thought it was 2 cutters on the listing, but when they arrived there was 20! eek. But it all ended well in the form of decorations!

      Merry Christmas, Anna! xx

  2. I love the idea of hanging cookie cutters! I am definitely saving this post for next year when I decorate because that is such a good idea !

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