Hi all! This week I moved into a new bedroom! My older brother moved out, so I decided to downsize to a smaller room and turn my larger room into my studio! I’ve loved re-decorating this room and giving it the lease of life that it deserves. I wallpapered one wall and added all my little collectables around the room. I can’t believe how my decorating style has even changed throughout this past year and a half.

I have two vintage wardrobes (that I got from a charity store last year.. they are a pair from the 1920s. I am still astounded by this find!) which we moved in, along with a little vintage chair that was my Grans. Adding touches like my vintage radio, my out-of-use typewriter and a jug of pretty flowers from Native Flowers.. the place feels completely like home. I am so happy with the cosy little nook. Watching dvds and updating bits and pieces on the blog and online shoppe from the comfort of my bed. It’s been a peaceful Christmas time!


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