Messyla Studio

The studio is pretty much finished! Yippee! I am so pleased it is finally complete and I can stop living out of different boxes. For a while all my stock was all over the place and even getting crushed (which made me very anxious everytime I saw the boxes) so I am overjoyed that there is a place for everything and everything is in its place.

Above is a little snippet of the studio thus far. It has been a real challenge to get any natural light these days. We live in a cottage with little windows and the weather has been gloomy and dull. But today, a burst of light came out and my Mum shouted to me “Is that sun?!”. Which meant I had to dash and get my camera, but also laugh at the shock in our voices at the sight of Sammy sunshine.

I didn’t want to spend too much kitting out the craft room, as it seemed an awfully big business expense. So I made do with anything I could get my hands on around the house, from charity stores and ikea. The centre table is actually a cheap painters table from B&Q! Disguised with a lace table cover that was given to me by a sweet old man down the street. Cameron and I also managed to get oak effect tables from Ikea for 15 pounds each..

Everything has a story and has all been nestled together as a big family in my workshop. I hope my work blossoms from being in a spacious and creative environment!


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