Studio Updates

Another little nook of my Studio. This desk is for card making! Here I keep my paper trimmer, my paper rack (to the left of the table), my scissors and adhesives. I use a typewriter for all my designs, so it was important for me to get a table that had enough depth to house it always. (it’s pretty heavy and I am a weakling!) I also have a little tin of washi tape too, perfect for packaging online orders.

My chair is from an antique store.. I love the colour! It matches my wallpaper perfectly. I love working with pretty things around me, I definitely think it motivates me more when my environment is pleasant/tidy/inspiring.

More to come!x



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2 responses to “Studio Updates

  1. wow that’s a space to die for LOVE it. xx

  2. Wow your typewriter is so lovely! I have two blue ones but love the sand color of yours! This place looks exactly like a creative nest!

    Olive xox

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