Dream a little dream of Spring.

There is nothing like a fresh dishtowel and a moist Victoria sponge cake to lift my spirits on this particularly bleak January week. The rain doesn’t appear to be blowing over any time soon and I find myself longing for some spring days to get out into the garden. I am looking forward to planning out my edible garden and sowing my seeds in plenty of time for them to grow into strong and tough plants. I hope to grow salad crops (lettuce varieties, herbs and tomatoes), some vegetables like garlic and peppers and flowers that I can cut for vases around the house. Hurry up, Spring! *please*



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2 responses to “Dream a little dream of Spring.

  1. I am a cold lover. Meaning : I just love automn and winter but I totally understand your springish fantaisies. Especially in the kitchen, it is the time when every product is fresh and love the colors everywhere! Is it your kitchen? It is so lovely and inspiring!

    Olive xox

    • Yes! Autumn and winter are beautiful and cosy, but sometimes you just need the fresh flowers and fruits that grow at Spring time. Thank you so much! It’s my parent’s kitchen.. it inspires me everyday! It’s so bright and calming.xx

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