Spring Wrapping Paper Designs!

Hurrah! Yesterday I managed to photograph my new wrapping paper designs for my Spring 2013 collection. I love making stamped wrapping paper when wrapping my own gifts to friends.. I love how organic it looks and especially tying it together with some brown twine. My favourite is the corn on the cob paper, it’s so ‘country’!

Also above is some of my Jigsaw confetti that I sell in my little shop. It’s so cute and would be perfect for all occasions. I hope you all have a wonderful friday. The weekend is here!



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2 responses to “Spring Wrapping Paper Designs!

  1. The foxy one is so cute!
    I love to have ‘natural’ wrappings too.

  2. aww so cute! love the little foxy ones!

    Drawing Dreaming

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