What’s in my yarn bag.

This week I have been so inspired by One Sheepish Girl’s “What’s in my yarn bag” posts by Meredith herself and also Alice from Little Llama. So I thought I would share my essentials that I carry around in my yarn bag..

1. Yarn.. I like to use organic cotton when I crochet for the shop.
2. A pin cushion with darning needles and various pins. (This pin cushion is one of my own designs.)
3. A notebook to write all my patterns in, with a pencil.
4. Scissors! I always lose my scissors, so it’s best to keep two sets in my bag just incase.
5. Measuring tape.
6. A little tin of buttons, pearls, stitch markers and safety pins.
7. Crochet hooks. I like to use colourful ones so I can remember what colour I used for each project.
8. I also keep anything that I have been working on recently like the little pansies above.

My yarn bag is an old Cath Kidston design.. it’s a great size and I love the circular handles. I think my favourite places to crochet are on the couch with my pjs on or in a comfy arm chair in my studio. Right now I am working on some crochet flower wreaths for local stockists and also some new cushion designs!x




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2 responses to “What’s in my yarn bag.

  1. So sweet! I love your pin cushion. :)

  2. I like the vintage look of your collection.

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