DIY Cocktail Stick Flags

When baking cakes, I like to spruce up each with a little decoration. Whether it be shop bought sugar roses or handmade paper-craft items. Today I had a notion to bake a Banana Cake and eat it with a large mug of coffee. I haven’t baked in ages and I was in a bit of a funk about it. I had lost my baking mojo that I had last year when I started my 52 Weeks of Baking Challenge – which is still incomplete because life got in the way. But making banana loaf/ cake/ cupcakes is incredibly simple, so I thought it would be a good way to ease myself back into baking.

And to mark the official beginning of spring, I thought yellow flags were perfect to finish off my cake.

You will need:

– Scrapbooking card. Or alternatively you could use any colourful card you can get your hands on.
– Cocktail Sticks.
– Scissors.
– Glue. Good old fashioned pritt stick will do!
– Paper trimmer is optional.

What to do:

Take a piece of scrapbooking paper and cut it into a long rectangle. I cut mine 2.5cm x 6cm. Measure it in proportion to your cocktail stick.

Cut out a triangle of your paper. Now you have your flag shape!

Turn your piece of card onto the reverse side. And apply your glue to the opposite end of your cut out triangle. Apply the glue to about 2cm of the card. Place the cocktail stick onto the glued section on the edge. Roll the card with the cocktail stick in it, until there is no glue to be seen.

Do the same to a few flags depending on how many you want to create! I used two patterns, but it would be lovely in a mixture of colours and patterns too.. especially for a handmade birthday party. Or simply to decorate everyday life.


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  1. ooh! cute n easy! i love it!

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