Mother’s Day Brunch

On Sunday we celebrated Mother’s day with delicious food, lots of love for my brilliant Mum and looking through our childhood photographs. We had lasagne, pasta salads and caesar salad, all topped off with a chocolate crispy cake competition. My cakes didn’t turn out quite right, but I definitely enjoyed eating them from the bowl regardless. Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

This post seems a little out of date, but Flickr and myself had a little malfunction this week. I seemed to have a fever and head cold at the beginning of this week.. and I can’t quite believe its Wednesday already! I have some fantastic Messyla news that I am just dying to share with you all.. but unfortunately I can’t spill the beans just yet and will have to patiently wait a tad longer. I have never been very good at keeping secrets, so I will be exceptionally proud of myself if I keep this on the down-low for a whole 3 weeks. Off to make, make, make.. I am planning a HUGE shop update this week and next. See you all there!! xxx



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