Messyla in Mollie Makes Issue 29!

I’m extremely delighted to announce that Messyla has been named the ‘One To Watch’ in this month’s issue of Mollie Makes! I remember when I first discovered Mollie Makes – I couldn’t believe there was a whole community of people who loved crafts and beautiful things. And moreover, appreciated them. I felt like the mother-ship was calling me home as I over indulged in wonderful shops, craft techniques and general exquisite handmade things. I stocked up on back issues and subscribed to future ones. It is a world that I feel so comfortable in and a world that has truly changed my life.

So, when Mollie Makes contacted me last month.. I literally was screaming and stomping my feet for hours. (days). It’s such an honour to be a part of this issue and, in short, the crafty world. Thank you to everyone who has supported me thus far and helped me be where I am today. I’d also like to say a huge thank you to the Mollie Makes team for their kind words on my blog and shop. It’s really a dream come true!

* Mollie Makes Issue Twenty-Nine is available to buy from any supermarket & newsagents from today! You can also buy online. *


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