Flower Bookmarks!

When making bookmarks this week, I kept going a little hysterical and laughing to myself. (It’s the hard work week hysteria, I am sure you are all familiar!). I was trying to think of names that accurately described all the colours that I now have in my little wool selection. There are many that are so close in colour and I am running out of ways to describe “Pinkish.. Purplish”. So, while trying to think what the colours resonated in me, I realised I would find it so difficult to explain my ‘processes’ to an outsider.

Similarly, when I make cards, I often find a process that is really quick, simple and accurate. Then the next week I will forget this process and do it the old way and think “I’m sure this was easier last week?”. I don’t really have a set way of doing everything yet. I am still finding my feet and faster ways of achieving the same standard even now. (sometimes).

So really, none of this was particularly funny. But sometimes when you are a little over tired, these things are a jolly good laugh. Even now, I am actually laughing thinking of my state of giggles last night at absolutely nothing… Is it possible you are laughing now?

I think we all need a holiday. Enjoy your weekend!


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One response to “Flower Bookmarks!

  1. All your colours are so lovely. I have one in the orange/apricot (I hate to call the colour something so boring now, lol!).. so I know first hand how gorgeous your bookmarks are.

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