A little more branding..

It always worried me that when something I have created was purchased, taken out its packet and the labels removed, that the receiver might not know who made it. Or, that someone would admire your crochet garland that you bought last year and you can’t remember who made it.. because there wasn’t a sewn in, fabric label!

Well, I finally found a supplier who could make me exactly what I wanted. For being a somewhat traditional font, finding a weaver who would do ‘american typewriter’ or the standard ‘courier new’ was exceptionally hard. I landed upon a label maker just around the corner from my house, who could meet my colour and font demand! What do you think?

I felt an off-white with brown lettering was perfect for my branding. A little bit vintage and a little bit country.



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2 responses to “A little more branding..

  1. Super-pretty, and very professional! I always admire your style when reading your blog!

  2. Very nice, and how convenient that your supplier is so close :)
    Smiles, DianeM

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