Wedding Garland & Colour Chart.

Creating an ethereal wedding garland for the wonderful Melle Cloche was one of my favourite makes this year. I loved making something on such a large scale and for such a significant life event. Making a colour chart was something I pondered about for weeks. I thought about making a little catalogue idea, similar to a carpet sample book, but it didn’t quite fit my expectations.

I had a brainwave in the kitchen one evening! I used my business cards, covered them in white card on the opposing side to my logo and crocheted a little flower in each of my colours. I also typed on the name of each colour. My favourite names are “Silver Fox”, “Guacamole” and “Sweetie”!

Using business cards is also perfect for envisaging the colours together. You can create a fan shape and imagine what the colour combinations will look like. Practical, pretty and perfectly Bridal!


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