Daily Life

This weekend I have been working on a lot of projects and designs that involve Christmas settings. It’s always the strangest thing preparing a Christmas table or wrapping pretend gifts.. but I love the path Messyla has taken me on and the exciting ventures I get to take part in. And I am secretly happy at how long the christmas season lasts for me. (Practically since August. So, y’know, you could call me an Elf.)

I started making a Festive Box in the last couple of years – full of decorations, sparkly candles, candy cane twine, beads for the tree and little christmas figures for around the house. Christmas is a wonderful time of year and bringing down the box of goods has become a tradition that makes me so happy. Do you have a Christmas box? x


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  1. How gorgeous! I do have a Christmas box (or boxes)! But they’re nowhere near as pretty as yours. I’m starting to collect a few decorations that I’ve made myself, or bought handmade, or this year my mother-in-law has knitted two snowmen for me to add… it’s so nice to accumulate memories like this :)

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