After it All

Hi all! Today I woke up with my usual “get up and go” mindset – rushing to make some toast and rushing to grind some coffee. (Although, with a hand grinder.. there isn’t really a “rush” mode..) and then I realised that stall season is over!! It’s been a wonderful time and the lead up to it was so busy/happy/exciting/stressful/exhausting. I love stall season but today  was a complete luxury to work with my online shop, answer some overdue emails and take a post office trip.

Let’s also talk about my messyla logo stickers! I absolutely love them but I really have to control myself to not stick them all over the house.. When I order online I always love when the envelopes are personalised with a label/stamp or the tissue paper is sealed with a logo label. So, I thought it would be a nice little treat to myself after my stalls. I’m sure all reading this get as excited by stationary as I do, so you will understand the delight of having stickers to decorate with! x




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