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Feeling Festive

Messyla is now closed for Christmas! Today I finished off the last of the festive orders and closed my online shop for the holidays. This coming week holds a lot of important events for my family that come with a lot of stress and focus.. So I thought it best to close the shop a little early because I know my mind will be elsewhere. I’m excited to wrap presents, bake, get extremely festive and enjoy this season! I hope you are all well..xx




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After it All

Hi all! Today I woke up with my usual “get up and go” mindset – rushing to make some toast and rushing to grind some coffee. (Although, with a hand grinder.. there isn’t really a “rush” mode..) and then I realised that stall season is over!! It’s been a wonderful time and the lead up to it was so busy/happy/exciting/stressful/exhausting. I love stall season but today  was a complete luxury to work with my online shop, answer some overdue emails and take a post office trip.

Let’s also talk about my messyla logo stickers! I absolutely love them but I really have to control myself to not stick them all over the house.. When I order online I always love when the envelopes are personalised with a label/stamp or the tissue paper is sealed with a logo label. So, I thought it would be a nice little treat to myself after my stalls. I’m sure all reading this get as excited by stationary as I do, so you will understand the delight of having stickers to decorate with! x



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Small Business Saturday!

Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday here in the Uk and I couldn’t be more excited. I am so passionate about owning my own little business and supporting other fellow businesses. This Christmas I have only bought from independent stores and I have to say it is such a wonderful feeling. To know you are supporting someone’s dream and keeping their business flowing is a feeling that you can’t get from shopping at Amazon or any other big box store.

Shopping small also means you have a more personable buying experience. I love nothing more than receiving a package from my favourite independent businesses and getting a personal note to say thank you for my custom. Or receiving an item that’s wrapped so beautifully – I don’t even want to open it.

I hope that I can give all my customers a similar experience when they shop with me and Messyla. I am so thankful for all my lovely customers and followers – it’s thanks to them that I am able to live this dream of making and selling. So please, enjoy 10% off at the Online Shop this Saturday as a thank you for all your support and love for my small little business. Using discount code “shopsmall” at the checkout! x

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Stall Preparation

Today I added the finishing touches to my stall for tomorrow evening. It’s my second stall and I’m really looking forward to seeing my lovely customers face to face, getting a feel for what is selling this Christmas and to showcase my hard work! Having a stall brings a range of emotions.. it’s exciting and enjoyable but it also sends my brain into overdrive with worry. I have no idea whether my items will be well received or whether I have enough.. or have I made to much? What if everyone thinks my things are rubbish?! What if 10 feet of snow falls during the night, meaning nobody can come and my little stall sits lonely? Eeek. It’s stressful. But I always tell myself to enjoy this time!

Overall, I am so pleased with my stock and the range that I am bringing along. A pretty selection of Christmas baubles and a brimming Christmas card stand were my top priority. From my first stall, I learnt that people like little £5 bits and pieces, so I used this info wisely! I’m also bringing along some stocking filler ideas and larger christmas decorations (wreaths and garlands).

I spent most of today tagging and branding. This is one of my favourite parts! I love consistently packaging my items with my new logo and a big roll of baker’s twine. (My idea of a fun morning).

An excited and nervous sleep will follow tonight, most likely where you have those terrible dreams that you turn up unprepared and in your PJs. But, with a little luck and hard work, I hope I have managed to create a lovely stall that people will love. And hopefully, people of Glasgow and beyond will have themselves a very Messyla Christmas. xxx



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Daily Life

Hi everyone! I hope you have all had a lovely week.  This past while has been jam-packed with deadlines, preparing for a few events that I just couldn’t say No to and tweaking the online shop with my new white board. (I know, I know. I told you all I was crazy and would end up changing the whole shop!)

Lots of deliveries and lots of wrapping using my new labels!! Little blue Messyla house logo labels for on envelopes and wrapping online shop sales. I love them! x

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What I’ve Been Working On..

This week has been a lot of styling and Christmas creating. I also painted the reverse side of my faux wall a mascarpone white.. which I am SO in love with. With the issue that now I want to re-photograph every single thing in my shop! Does anyone else get like this? I am such a perfectionist that after about three weeks I end up wanting to change every photo! Eeek!!

These new little mistletoe beauties are a real favourite of mine. I think they will look great on the Online Shop and also on all my lovely customer’s trees! x

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Friday is for Pin Cushions

New pin cushions have been added to the shop today.. perfect for those Christmas crafting weekends on the horizon! Friday, hallelujah! I hope you all have a great weekend. xx

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