Well today I did a little more baking. (I eat cakes, alot!) And decided to make some scones so I could photograph my new cake toppers. I think they are so sweet and, as a beginner baker myself, I am really into decorating each cake and making everything look yummy. So I created these for the fellow presentation-perfectionist-bakers.

The recipe is easy peasy. Everything is thrown into the food processor! So here we go…


250g self-raising flour

roughly 100ml milk

50g caster sugar

50g unsalted butter (which has to be chilled and cut into little diced cubes)

1 eggy

You will also need a cutter for your scone. Ideally a round crinkly one for added effect! And you will also need a baking tray.

What to do:

Preheat the oven to 220 degrees C. Which I think is 425F and Gas mark 7. And also grease a baking tray with butter to prep it for the little scones to cook on. A little tip is when you finish a pack of butter (one that is in a wrapper) save the wrapper in a fridge or a cool dry place. Then when greasing a tray, just use the wrapper to rub on the tray!

Add in to the food processor the flour and sugar and pulse it to combine the two. Then add in the butter and mix it until it is beginning to resemble fine crumbies. Beat the egg in a bowl and then add in the milk to the bowl before pouring into the processor. Although, leave a tiny bit of milk to use when preparing them for the oven.

With the food processor mixing, add the egg and milk mixture! Stop the machine as soon as it comes together to make a soft dough.

Take the dough out, making sure to get every last bit and transfer it to a floured surface. Kneed it gently just to bring it together, but don’t over work it as the dough doesn’t like to be tampered with much!

Add a little flour to your hands and then roll out the dough till it is about 3cm thick and cut out your circles. When using a cutter never wiggle it about when its in the dough. This misshapes the scones and makes them look like the leaning tower of pisa!

Place them on the baking tray slightly apart. Use the bit of milk you have left to brush or pat on a thin layer of milk to the top of the scone. (Just a little tip my mum taught me!). Cook for 10-12 minutes.

Serve with jam and cream. Yum Yum.


At the weekend, I decided to do some more baking to try and keep up with my cooking&baking section of my blog. And also because I like to eat muffins. A lot. I decided to make a healthier muffin (I really wanted double. Infact TRIPLE chocolate chip) and opted for the Gingerbread Muffin. I like baking a little more than cooking as you can see with my banana muffins and my gooey chocolate brownies!

Okay so here is the ingredients..

250g Self Raising Flour

1/2 Teaspoon Bicarb Soda

1/2 Teaspoon of salt (In hindsight, I wouldn’t have added the salt because I felt I could taste it too much!)

2 Teaspoons of Ground Ginger

1 Teaspoon of Ground Cinnamon

175ml Milk

Pinch of Nutmeg

150g Soft Light Brown Sugar

2 Tablespoons of Golden Syrup

1 Tablespoons of Black Treacle

85g Butter

1 Eggy

What to do..

Preheat the oven to 190c and place 10 muffin cases into a muffin tin or on a tray. Mix the flour, bicarb, salt, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar in a large bowl. I added all the ingredients and mixed it with my hands to combine each element.

Put the wet ingredients into a small saucepan. I.e the golden syrup, treacle, butter and a third of the milk. Heat very gently until the butter is melted. I stirred it with a fork until the syrup and treacle blended.


(If you put a little olive oil or boiling hot water on your spoon before putting it in the treacle it will make it easier to work with!)

Stir in the rest of the milk into the pan. Add the wet ingredients to the dry all at once and mix it briefly. Before hand, mix the egg in a bowl and then add it into the combined mixture. I do this separate because the first time I made these I added it to the pan of wet ingredients and it started to cook the egg.. Gingerbread muffins with bits of scrambled egg are not nice!

I poured the batter into a jug with a lip for easy pouring into the cases. The batter is liquidy enough to do this.

Cook for 20 minutes!

And eat.


Today I made some gooey chocolate brownies. And they are really delicious! Crunchy and crisp on the outside but gooey and chewy on the inside.

I know I am really behind on my recipe blogging, so this is me trying to catch up!

Chocolate Brownies


180g (6oz) butter

180g (6oz) chocolate. I like to use milk chocolate and then a handful of white chocolate buttons to add in at the end.

3 eggs

250g (9oz) caster sugar

110g (4oz) plain flour

What to do:

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. (Gas mark 4, 350 degrees F).

Line the bottom of a square tin. I use a deep square tin with re-usable baking parchment. This saves alot of money and time because it is always cut to the size of the tin I need!

Melt the butter and the chocolate in a pan. Slowly and on a low heat. You don’t want the chocolate to cook too fast and get all grainy and split. I also like to swirl the pan around off the heat to help it mix through.

In a separate bowl, beat the eggs and the sugar.

Once the chocolate is melted and the butter too, take it off the heat and place it on a cool work surface. Leave to cool for a minute or so and then add in the sugary egg mixture. Mix whilst doing this so the egg doesn’t turn scrambled from the heat of the chocolate!

Stir in the flour, mix from the middle out to stop the flour going everywhere.

Scatter in a handful of white chocolate buttons for those little gooey white drops inside.

Empty into the pan and cook for 42 minutes.

Then serve with a lovely glass of milk and even some ice-cream!


3rd January 2011.

This year I hope to stick to a healthy eating plan which means cutting out the chocolate. This is a difficult thing for me as I am a bit of a chocolate monster. So, to stop the craving I thought I should make healthy muffins. So here is my little recipe for Banana Muffins. (They actually trick you into thinking they are a sweet desert..when really they are actually good for you!)


2 bananas

3 oz butter

3 oz caster sugar

1/4 teaspoon bicarb of soda

8oz self-raising flour

1 egg

a tablespoon of milk.

What to do:

Preheat your oven to Gas mark 4 or 160-180 degrees. (Depending on your oven)

I like to use a food processor because I find it speeds up the whole process and makes the making of these only about 15 minutes!

Mulsh the 2 bananas in the processor until they are like liquid. Add in the 3oz of butter and sugar and give it a pulse again. Add in your egg and mix it through.

Now, all muffins should be light and not over-worked. So when adding the flour and the bicarb just mix it enough that the mixture is distributed but doesn’t make the mixture too heavy. This is a crucial bit to the muffins!

Add in a tablespoon of milk (or more if needs be) the mixture should have a “dropping consistency”. So it shouldn’t be too gloopy and thick.

I like to use silicone trays because i think they make the muffins a better shape and don’t give them a greasy bottom. When putting the mixture in the tray I used an ice-cream scoop which was roughly 1/3 of a cup. (80ml scoop). This makes them all the same size and a delicious big bite!

Cook for about 20 minutes.

Best served warm with a little milk :-).



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