My Necessities


Everybody knows there are things that we can’t live without, work without, function without. I have built up a little collection of things that I need to be the crafty person I am today. I feel there are certain things that give me my style and flare. Little gems that are invaluable to me, that I felt deserved a ‘shout out’ recognition to the blogging world.

1. Washi Tape.
Where would I be without Washi Tape? It is japanese masking tape which is perfect for any crafts and generally decorating things. I love it and find that everything in my room has a washi tape touch to it. I buy my washi tape from or Both sites are good and are reasonably priced. My only problemo with them is they have VERY limited selections. So more recently I have been shipping them over from America from different sellers on I know. Obsessed.


2. Bamboo Knitting Needles.

For my Christmas I got the most fabulous knitting bag. It is a rectangular and came with a range of bamboo knitting needles. Previously I had been using the standard metal needles..but the way they rubbed together kind of give me the hee-bee-jee-bees. So using the bamboo ones is like a dream! In particular there is a large set of needles (6mm) and I got some chunky knit wool with it. Can you believe the difference in your knitting using thicker wool and needles? I certainly couldn’t ! I learnt on teensy thin needles with hair thin wool. So I have started to make some more scarfs with the bigger wool and it is delightful!

3. Sharpie Pens.

My third necessity is having a collection of Sharpie pens. (Preferably extra thin!). They are great for scrap-booking, card making, general notes etc. I find them creatively thrilling and make any handwriting (or scrawl) look great.

Aren’t they wonderful? Bearing in mind mine are a little thinner..but the general idea is there!


buttons, scissors, multicoloured wool, pom poms, sharpie pens.


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