new skills

What have I learnt this week?

I am just at the beginning of crafting and I am constantly learning new skills and even tiny little ideas each day. In this section I will detail each week (Wednesdays) what I have learnt and tell you what and how I did it. This way you can see my progress in crafts, you can learn them too and you can see that everyone can learn new skills. (Even the beginner beginner beginners like me!)


How to fill a bobbin on a JL300C Sewing Machine

For my christmas I got a new sewing machine – a JL300C. It is absolutely magical and does everything so easily and overall I love it! I learned this week at an introduction to my sewing machine how to fill the bobbin and I thought I would share it with those of you who have this sewing machine or are generally interested in how it is done! : -)

Here are the steps..Enjoy! (Excuse the non technical names like “Stick”, “Sliding bar” etc. Hehe.

Step one:

Place the thread onto the provided stick and attach the plate to the end of it. (The plate will be located in the little bag of the sewing machine tools that comes with the machine.) The plate has a flat side and side which points out in the middle. Place the flat side of the plate  against the thread as shown in the picture below.

Step one:

Making sure that the thread is taught, guide the thread to the bolt-like circle on the left hand top of the machine. There will be space for the thread to slide in between the two discs of the circle. As shown below..Thread it through there and pull it out to the right.

Step one:

In the plastic bobbin there is a little hole. Thread the thread through this hole from the left and allow to stick out the bobbin. Leave the bit of thread sticking out as this will help the bobbin wind initially.

Step one:

Put the bobbin on the metal stand and push it out to the right. This will make sure the bobbin is in place and let the machine know that it is filling a bobbin so the needle doesn’t go up and down whilst you are winding it. When you push the bobbin out to the right, SP will appear on the electronic screen. This is how you know that the machine has registered what you are doing and is on this mode.

Step Five:

On the front of the sewing machine there is a slideable bar that shows the image of a turtle and a hare. Slide the bar to the hare. This is needed when winding a bobbin. Once this is done, press the presser foot and allow the machine to wind a few times whilst gently holding the sticking out piece of thread that we left earlier.

Step six:

Let the machine wind the bobbin for a few strands and then stop the process. Cut the little bit of thread we left sticking out.

Step Seven:

Let the machine wind the bobbin and when it is complete it will simply stop working. My old machine used to keep going and coil the thread underneath the bobbin and eventually go down into the machine if you weren’t paying attention!

Thank you for viewing my how to! I hope this was helpful for those of you who have a JL300c and were wondering how to thread it..and even if you don’t it may be similar to your machine. This is something I learnt this week and I am glad I shared it with you!





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  1. Nicolina

    Thank you – very clear. God send. Appreciated.

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