I promise you that this clock is a working kitchen clock and that I haven’t staged it to be eternally 12 noon. I laughed and laughed whilst editing the photos when I realised. I also realised the time it took me to start and finish this photoshoot.. Let’s not go there.

This collection of beautiful crochet cushions is packaged and ready to be delivered to Nest (Homestuff with History) in Cambridge. I am so delighted to see the cushions together as a set. A job well done! x


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Curly Kale & Roses.

Some beautiful late blooming roses in October; Curly kale from our veg bag from lovely Locavore and of course, my little handsome Osc. Naturally, the centre of attention. ♥

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Autumn Leaves

October 1st! I love the chill in the air with the last of the summer sun. Autumn for me is: wooly cardigans; fluffy boots; pom pom hats; knitted scarves; hot lentil soups; cosy nights with the Mr; crunchy leaves; squirrels; rabbits; apple trees; pumpkins; cosy quilts; mustard colours & mustard in foods; logs on the fire; coffee; take-away coffees on long walks; porridge; plum coloured everything; umbrellas; berries on trees; boiled eggs; french toast; robins & wrens; jam making; slippers & fresh Pjs; raincoats; birthday celebrations.

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A Kitchen Table Wedding

To showcase some new additions to the Messyla wedding range, I decided to have an afternoon tea wedding on the kitchen table. The set up was a joy to style and if I was actually attending this wedding, it would be delightful! I have been trying different paper-craft bits and pieces for the wonderful wedding shop Melle Cloche.  What do you think? x


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Main Street Trading Company

As an avid Country Living reader, I am always looking for things & places for inspiration. When the issue featuring the Main Street Trading Co. came to our shelves, I couldn’t quite contain myself with it’s beauty. The idea of a bookshop, coffee shop, homewares shop & deli in the one place seemed too good to be true and somewhere I knew I wanted to visit. There is something so wonderful about a bookshop in this day and age and actually being in the Main Street shop made me fall in love with ‘real’ books all over again. With oldies and new releases; children’s books and recipe books and beautiful home books dotted about, there really was something for everyone.

Their collection of homewares was a little tricky for me to digest. It wasn’t long before my wicker shopping basket (provided at the door) was heaving with enamelware, vintage pottery and handmade notebooks. With beautiful things in every nook it was difficult not to leave with a brown paper bag full. Including, their very own hare patterned canvas shopper bag.

A real treat to visit and a grand day out! Beautiful soups and cakes. And a deliciously stocked Deli too..x

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Morning everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I have been getting up bright and early these days to tackle the mounting pile of Christmas orders. Making strong coffee and forcing myself to sit outside on the bench to wake myself up with a jolt. I can’t believe it’s creeping upon us already. Yeesh! This week will be full of glitter, festive fabrics and snowflakes. Not too shabby at all.

Above is 1 of 4 cushions ready for my Cambridge stockist – Nest, Homestuff with History. They are 14″ and one of my favourite things to make at the moment. I love making colour combinations to work well in possible living rooms..

For this photoshoot, I turned the whole kitchen upside down! I really need to share the mess and destruction behind the camera one day here on the blog. It’s a little unnerving the amount of mess I can make for one shot. But, I think I captured the beauty of the granny square cushions. I hope so!x

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Pastels Are Here To Stay

Pastels are staying with us throughout Autumn/Winter this year to brighten up those dark days.. Back in stock at the Online Shop this week! I hope you all have a lovely weekend. x


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