weekly finds

This section is a particular favourite of mine as I get to share with you 10 little things (or big, huge, gigantic things) that I have found this week and that I think are beautiful!
I will update every Thursday with my weekly finds!♥

Can you believe it is Thursday already? I have seen lots of lovely things this week as I have found lots more blogs and have started using Blog Lovin so I can consistently see these lovely blogs on a day to day basis. So without further adooo..

10 beautiful, inspirational things. As always, click the photo to take you to the page that I found it :)

1.// An owl themed birthday party! I am really loving little cute owls these days and then I stumbled across a blog called “My Owl Barn”. It is a really sweet blog. Check it out!

2.// Glittery star headbands on beautiful satin ribbons. Veronica from Crack the Sky is very talented and has made these pretty hair pieces. I really want one…and the amazing thing..She ships to the UK! Deffinetly a present for myself once I complete some mother’s day things. (As a reward) It also comes in lots of different colours..I think I would go for pink. No silver. No copper.  I really can’t choose!

She also has a lovely blog that I am following on Blog Lovin!

3.// This incredible pink Vivienne Westwood love-heart shaped bag. I have a cheapo version from Topshop 3 or 4 years ago but this is just lovely. I originally saw it in Look Magazine this week but it is available from Hervia.com!

I think I could give it a nice home. I would love if Vivienne herself felt the same!

4.// Stampin’ up ink pads. I love the colours, love how fast they dry. Love everything! But I don’t have any at this moment.. I want to get a stampin up brochure and order lots. It is so addictive buying supplies..

5.// After finding and following a reaaally lovely blog called I go by Katie, I ordered a book that she recommended. It is called Craft Inc. I am really excited for it to arrive and to get reading..it is all about starting up a craft business.

6.// Also by I Go By Katie..She is a cobbler. How amazing is that? She makes little moccasins and I am dying to save up some money to get a pair. Shoe enthusiasts should dip their toes into every type of shoe, Yes? (Literally)

7.// Whilst reading Look magazine this week I noticed that Marina (from Marina and The Diamonds) was wearing such unusual, fun, colourful shoes. I love shoe and even love crazy looking shoes too..I just think they are all so great! They are by irregular choice.

8.// I have decided (after binging on Twiglets and brownies) that i am going to stop eating crisps, sweets and chococlate. Have smoothies each day, eat a healthy dinner and have cereal for my breakfast. So in honour of this new regime i found this cute image from We Heart It!

9.// Rachel Bilson. I loved her in the OC and recently she has been in alot of magazines with cute little outfits and also some adventurous outfits. I just admire her style and how she is so petite!

I think that might be a pair of moccasin-ish shoes. If so, should’ve gone to As Go By Katie!

10.// red hair. I. want. you. so. badly. . . please.


I have been getting alot of blog views these past few days and I just want to tell you how thankful I am and how much it means to me! Keep coming back, and let me know so I can follow you too! :)


La xo


Thursday 10th February 2011.

Wow! Can you believe it is Thursday already?

I am really excited today as I have been planning what I am going to be making next and where I should next approach with my products. I have also been thinking a lot about business cards and websites and e-mail domains but really don’t know where to start. I would love some really beautiful illustrations, a cute and quirky logo, sweet business cards and a cool website that people can buy things from. Big list!

Let me know if you know anything about any of the above because I am a newbie and amen’t sure!

Here is my 10 things I have loved this week:

1.//  Owl images! I am really loving little owls at the moment. I made an owl card and just loved it and would really like to start a whole range with them. Aren’t they just so sweet? Here is some of my favourite Owly things. [I would also like to note that if a real owl came up to me I would be terrified. But the illustrated owls and the owls I am making aren’t frightening! :)]

2.// Topshop’s spring collection is coming in slowly but surely and I am loving it! I have this skirt in a berry pinky/red but I do like the new lilac very much!

3.// I think this little shop will be my next target for “Support the Little Businesses”. It is called Cup and it is on Byres Road in Glasgow’s West End. Cupcakes, tea and delights..Yes Please! Can’t wait to blog about it and eat cupcakes!

4.// More from Nicola and Sticky Tigers. I love all her products so much! Order from her, you will not be disappointed! (Fantastic products, fast delivery and a friendly owner!) I love the bicycle stamps..I feel i could work up a nice range of bike cards with these…Hmm..

5.//  The most beautiful party I have ever ever seen. Ever! Isn’t E from Pink Suede Shoe a genius? She can do everything. Such an inspiration for me :).

6.// A band I just discovered called The Like. They are from California and I just love their styling! Check out this video..cute catchy song and great clothes. Yup!

7.// These amaazing Miu Miu wedges. Had to upload a few photos of these bad boys. yumyumyum is all I can say.

8.// The styling of lovely Selena Gomez in this photoshoot. Bikes + Berets = what I am loving right now.

9.// These little rings. I love how dainty they are! I am inspired to try making some rings. I wear rings all the time and I would love to make some really cute and different pieces! :)

10.// love love love this storage plan for ribbons by Sugar*Sugar! great idea for all those loose bits and pieces..and i love luggage tags!


What are your favourite things? Let me know! :)


Lots of Love,

Messy La



    Wednesday (For Tomorrow and last week!) 26th Jan!


I missed last weeks “weekly finds” so I think it is only fair to my little blog that I do 20 Things that I love these past two weeks.

So here we go. 20 beautiful things that I think are so inspiring, want to buy, made me smile..etcc :).

1.// Nail polish from TopShop. It is baby blue and I have completely fallen in love.

Love these pale, pastel colours. Roll on Spring time! :-)

2.// A vintage looking tea dress. (Also from topshop)

3.// These shoes are just what I need this end of winter/start of spring season. I am a sucker for wedges and chunky heels and these just hit the spot.

(I think the shoes, the dress and the nail polish would be a lovely ensemble..don’t you think?)

4.// Pugs!! I think they are just so adoreable. I am a cat lover and really adore my cats and I also have a chihuahua called Bert who is a wee rascal! But I just can’t get over how many people have pugs and how cute they are!! In particular Elsie’s pug is just beautiful..

5.// The beautiful mint colour and the decoration of these beautiful biscuits from Sunshine and Carousels.

6.// These little glasses decorations that I found a lovely blog called The Eclectic Life.

Isn’t it amazing?! I thought this picture was amazing too. The quality, colours and composition are just spectacular.

7.// A post by Emma at “From Scratch”. She was telling us all about a local coffee shop and how much she loved it and posted some pictures. For a start the coffee shop sounds lovely, the packaging was so sweet BUT also it reminds me of a blog post that I’ve been wanting to do about supporting the small businesses. But for now:

8.// You know how I raved about the Cricut machine? and how i CANT live without it? Well..I also did some more research and found a thing called a Craft Robo. And it’s basically the same as the cricut but you connect it to your computer and use a special program. I think in the long run it is probebly a better investment because cartridges for the cricut are 50 pounds each..where as I can just do it all on the compute with the Craft Robo. But i am sure there is a catch..

9.// And when I was searching all about the craft robo, I found a blog that I LOVE! Her name is Wendy and she does loads of tutorials and shows all her paper craft creations. I find it very very exciting!

^ That is one of her beautiful cards that I thought was unbelievable. She actually gives a tutorial on exactly how to make it! Yahhooo!

9.// I have told you about Sticky Tiger craft supplies before but I am really in love with it. Did you know that I ordered a bunch of things from her (Nicola) and she actually phoned me personally to tell me that she had packaged it and sent it off! How is that for amazing service? I was so shocked and really really happy that she did so. Here is some things that I am loving at the moment from her:

Thought this would be a cute little thing..I am always needing pin boards to pin things i’ve crocheted etc on.

Aren’t these beautiful? :-)

10.// I’ve got a little obsession with bikes at the moment. Not riding them or anything of the sort..But i think they are really pretty on brooches, badges etc. I have been looking on Etsy at my favourite bikey things and here is what I found:

11.// Right now I love stamps a lot. And you can actually get stamps in all sorts of sizes with different designs! Like everything you could ever want. I found these beautiful ones and also the beautiful blog by the same girl, Memi!

12.// Because my name is Lara, I always get called La. And particularly in work my boss calls me LaLa. So I found this print on Etsy and thought it was sweet and had my name in it!

13.// I’ve been thinking about making purses and other zipped bags. While searching I found this blog that had a tutorial on doing just that!

I like how she tells you what skill level is required..and when i saw “beginner” i thought “Yus!”

14.// And similarly by the same talented woman..Felt food!!! These little things excite me so much. I would love to make a whole feast..like a christmas dinner all out of felt. Not for any particular purpose..just for my general happiness and picture taking.

15.// Paper rosettes! I have put a few of these on the cards I have been making and absolutely love them. I think they are genius and the kind of thing that I would have no clue how to make if i didn’t watch a youtube video. I watched a video by TShernJpan and now follow her channel because she was so sweet and made it real simple to follow. But the picture below is from Style Me Pretty!

16.// E from Pink Suede Shoe’s handwriting. I just love the swirls and flicks and just the way she illustrates! Think it is fab.

17.// This cute little bean!!! I don’t actually know what it’s sole purpose is but I would just keep it for something cute or perhaps a good luck charm for a friend? Would be nice as a brooch I think. So sweet and i love the way the seller has described the item.

18.// I love ladybirds. I think they are so sweet and just lovely colours on them and always feel a little blessed when a ladybird ends up on my hand or jacket during its flying about. I found some cute ladybird things on Etsy:

19.// This recipe book idea from Sunshine and Carousels..LOVE! I really want to try this..I also found some lovely “in the kitchen” stamps that would work great on it.

20.// Last but certainly not least..I was researching tattoos cause I am thinking about getting another. And i found this lovely image on a blog called Drops of Jupiter. Think it is sooooo cute.

Might convince Cam that is what we should do. Bet he’d love that. not. :(.


Back later with all the images of my cards uploaded etc..WOOOOO!


XOXOXOXOX Missed blogging so much!!


Thursday 13th, 2011.

Again this has been a very busy week. Where does the time go? i feel that one day its monday and the next it is friday in a blink of an eye. But this week I found lots of things that I loved and couldn’t believe my eyes. Most of the things are a form of paper craft or a tool that I think is outstanding. So here we go..

1.// A Cricut Machine. I am in awe. And also feel a little cheated that I was so naive about how other card makers made their cards. This machine cuts out the images perfectly and you can buy different cartridges with lots of new images and themes. Would be a real investment I think because it also cuts on chipboard and plastic etc.

2.// This ribbon picture on We Heart It. I got Cam to take a picture of me in HobbyCraft tonight (Will tell more later) beside the ribbon section. It was about a 25m stand full of ribbons! Dream!

3.// This Paper Chomper. Firstly the concept is amazing, I love round corners AND the word chomp is so nice i think.. yes? And p.s. I bought it!

4.// Pink Suede Shoe’s beautiful pink typewriter. It is so so so lovely.

5.//  Roll on adhesives. wow. my life just got a whole lot simpler.

6.// Hobby Craft. Basically this is the biggest super store we have in the Uk for crafts. and tonight was my first night going. I could hardly speak! It was unbelievable. I am still in a little shock now. i enjoyed it so much! Everything was a good price and everything was all to be bought.. No buying on the internet, no waiting from the USA, no postage charges. Just me and the crafts and I could actually feel and touch everything. I know it sounds silly but it was a dream come true!

7.// This week I have also been watching a lot of videos by Megan at Above Rubies Studios. She is a fabulous card maker and actually introduced me to the cricut, the chomper and all the other tools I seem to have charged to my debit card and praying that it goes threw.. Check out her stuff. She is great!


8.//  These knee high socks from TopShop. Spring I need you! I want to wear all nice clothes again and not be constantly in a ski style jacket and big boots. :-(

9.// I ordered a few stamps from a website called Cute Tape in the US. It took a while to come (but i think i was just impatient and it was actually a reasonable time!) but it was well worth the wait. I ordered little stamps with sewing bits and pieces on them, weather stamps, a made with love stamp and my favourite..a You make me smile stamp. The site is easy to maneuver about and has some gorgeous things. Below it is the one that is labeled ws-06. :-)

10.// And last but not least. Emma’s “Red Velvet Brownies”. Could eat one right now!


11.// (Number 11 is a happy thing but also a sad thing.)

On the 12th of December I ordered Elsie’s scrapbooking book from Amazon. And it is still not here. :-( It is coming from the USA i know, but it said it should be here by now. I hope no one has stolen my book because I am so desperate to read it and just even to have it on my shelf and also because elsie wrote it. Boo Hoo.

So Mr. Postman..if you have pinched my scrapbooking book. Please please please give me it back! :-(


Thursday 6th, 2011.

This has been a busy week this week, with various things and a lot of shifts at my other job. Although that doesn’t mean I haven’t seen and been inspired by lots of things around me. P.s. I have also decided that I will link the finds via their pictures.

1.// Blow by Blow. By Detram Blow. This book is so inspirational, tragic and extremely well written. The way the words link together is beautiful and her life is a quite a melancholy tale. A Fantastic read, I highly recommend it!

2.//  Prada’s Spring 2011 shoe collection. Holy Moley. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw them. They are like something from a Dr. Seuss book. I am in L.O.V.E.

3.//  This typewriter stamp set. From Sticky Tiger Supplies. I also love the name..Sticky Tiger. Makes me happy!

4.// Finding SunPat Peanut butter and instantly craving it. Yum. Personally I don’t like it on bread. Out the tub will do just nicely. (But only about 2 teaspoon full. Then I am satisfied!)

5.// Finally using my iPad for music. And discovering my old music tastes. Music is such an inspirational thing and can really transcend you to a different period in time. Unbelievable!

6.// Always && Always: (And kept popping into my head recently) The quote from The Great Gatsby. “People came and went like moths among the champagne, the whisperings and the stars”. If I could be in any time period it would be the roaring 20’s. The decadent part, with the flapper dresses, beautiful fascinators and dancing about.

And also finding out when searching for this picture that there is a re-make of the film coming out! I am so excited.

7.// Martha Stewart punches. Aren’t they outstanding?!

8.// How surprisingly my little space hopper I got for Christmas is a very therapeutic thinking spot.

9.// Skunkboy Creatures. Katie is so inspirational and her items are so adoreable.

10.// And last but not least. The idea of making Elsie’s little bonnet from her tutorial. I really am going to try it. Just trying to find the time is my vicious problem at the moment. BUT i will! I finished my scarf so I will start/finish this personal project.

Check back next thursday.


(Oooh, saying adios just got me in a summery/sunny mood. ?! I think I am too tired. :-//)

Lala (As my boss calls me at work because he can’t pronounce Lara. Wee cutie.)


(I say time is my worst enemy. Yet I spend the time I do find doing things like that ^. Sometimes i’ve just got to laugh at myself..)


December 30th, 2010.

1.// This beautiful door mat from Graham and Green.











2.// These tan peep-toe wedges from Urban Outfitters. I have a thing for wedges..they are just incredible!












3.// This duffle bag from Top Shop.











4.//  These cute little cat hair clasps from FluffsStuffs.











5.// The stunning vintage paper packs (which I am going to order soon!) from Red Velvet Art.











6.// This cake dome by Nigella Lawson.








7.// These little storage boxes in this craft room. SuzieBeezie.








8.// **Free** Paper Craft hints and tips from Amy Butler.

(Who also has amazing fabric which should be 1-10 in this list cause they are so beautiful. *and* even better thing is that I bought some today!)











9.// These cute little present tags in the shape of sweets! A Field Journal.










10.// Last but not least..And infact the best one. Is this haberdashery unit from Louise Loves. (which I may be buying for my craft room!!)










Thats all from me today..Hope you liked this new feature!

With ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, La.


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